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...I Come From Money...

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Marciana of the New Continent
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lady marciana, dutchess of the new continent.

about me.

Hello all. My name is Marciana. I'm from the Philippines, and currently in my (hopefully last) year in college (it's a long story that doesn't need to be told here). Thanks for checking out my LiveJournal! Feel free to add me, especially if you think we've got a few things in common. I'm a generally very friendly, very approachable person, so don't hesitate to leave me a note or something!

As you can see in my journal, I'm a rather talkative person. People tell me I'm funny, and God help me, I believe them. (XD) I enjoy writing fanfics, and reading the really good ones. I love my family and close friends with every last inch of me; It's said in the bible, "There is no greater love than this; to lay down one's life for your friends." I would GLADLY do that for those that I love VERY much.

I am a romantic. I am a poet. I am self-deprecating. I am self-aggrandizing. I am creative. I am fun. I am talkative. I am quiet. I am wacky. I am peaceful. I am loving. I am protective. I am jealous. I am possessive. I am obsessive. I am addicted. I am mine. I am me.